The ACU visit Braintree

I was somewhat surprised to see a post on the Army Cycling Union (ACU) site on Fri to say they were competing just up the road from me.  It appears that Round 1 of the National XC Series was being held at Codham Park, Braintree.  So after I finished my Audax (post to follow) on Saturday, I grabbed the boys and headed up to have a look.

This is a ‘proper’ mad sport!  The course is 6 or so km long and the guys do 5 – 6 laps depending on their classification.  They are on 29er Mountain Bikes (i.e huge wheels) and are racing up mad inclines, through woods and over the BMX track. They looked absolutely knackered but it was great to see them and to catch up with Tiny (yup, he’s 6’8”) and a couple of the guys.  It was also great to see so many Sappers on the Army team and the ACU take 1st and 2nd by a country mile in race on Saturday, though we didn’t fair quite so well on the Sunday.

If you want to find out more there are full details on the British Cycling site.  I’ve never seen any Cross Country racing before but it was fascinating.  I think I will stick to the road for now though!  Fantastic organisation by BC and well done to the ACU team


Some pics from the Sunday:

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